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Best. Thank You Note. Ever.

Best. Thank You Note. Ever.  Lucinda Secrest McDowell Mama taught me that when given a Gift, the only proper response is to say “Thank You”… then immediately write a Thank You note.  So, today as I write some thank you notes, my heart is full of gratitude  – to God, family,  friends,  readers… This week…

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The Original ‘Old Faithful’

The Original ‘Old Faithful’ Lucinda Secrest McDowell The park ranger promised me it would happen at this exact moment. And as I stood with hundreds of people from all over the world, our long-awaited anticipation was rewarded with a true spectacle.             Old Faithful.             The famous geyser at Yellowstone National Park that erupts about…

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We only have one small tree in our front yard.  By choice. When we downsized from a five bedroom colonial parsonage to a much smaller Cape Cod cottage, we deliberately chose a yard that requires little upkeep. But this pink dogwood sits right outside the bay window of our porch and is a beautiful focal…

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