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 The Power that Lifts Up When We Fall

 The Power that Lifts Up When We Fall Lucinda Secrest McDowell My first thought was, “What am I doing sprawled at the bottom of these stairs?” Beside me, I noticed my purse in the corner and one shoe lying nearby. I didn’t know exactly how I had fallen down the stairs, but as I was…

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Have You Opened the Gift?

Have You Opened the Gift?  Lucinda Secrest McDowell Every single day of my life I thank God for His gift of GRACE to me. Every day. What is that grace that literally “saved a wretch like me”? (thank you, John Newton for writing the hymn “Amazing Grace”) My own definition  is: “Grace is God giving…

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A Long Line of Powerful Women

A Long Line of Powerful Women Lucinda Secrest McDowell For the Kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk; it is living by God’s power. —1 Corinthians 4:20 She had no idea she had any power. All she thought she had was beauty. And a big secret. Esther was a Jewish orphan living…

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How Much Do You Want Freedom?

It doesn’t exactly look like a place of Total Revolution. Total Transformation. Freedom. Yet it is.   It is completely and utterly white. Puritan. No stained glass windows. No ornate decorations. Just a simple Meetinghouse built in 1761.   And I am standing in the same place that faithful patriots assembled one Sunday afternoon in…

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