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Mercy Way Back in the Cove

Mercy Way Back in the Cove Lucinda Secrest McDowell My 1968 Ford rattled across the rickety bridge deep in the hollows of Kentucky, literally driving on a wing and a prayer. Rounding the bend, the scent hit me before I even caught sight of the Caudhills’s place. The old weathered house stood on a hill.…

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Are You Ready to Choose What Matters Most?

Are You Ready to Choose What Matters Most? Lucinda Secrest McDowell All the things. Good things. Worthy things. Extraordinary people, adventurous journeys, breathtaking beauty, life-changing words, fulfilling service, quiet moments, and soul-stretching creativity. But how do I choose? My own life is full of obligation, deadlines, hurry, complicated relation­ships, overdue bills, medical challenges, juggling jobs—all…

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Leighton Ford’s Deep Influence

Leighton Ford’s Deep Influence Lucinda Secrest McDowell Is your influence on others deep or wide? Today’s culture extols the wide reach. For people in my profession, worth is measured by how many followers we have on social media and how many people come to speaking events or purchase books. Mega­churches are often considered more significant…

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