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How to Survive April

When I first awaken it all seems like a bad dream — a nightmare full of fearful things I can’t control… Then I realize it’s all real. There is a worldwide pandemic and people are falling sick and dying at an increasing rate every day in my region of the country. I have been quarantined…

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With One Another in this Place of Sorrow

Whoever heard of a Christmas concert that encouraged lament? A few years ago, Michael Card came to our ancient meetinghouse to share Christmas music. But in the midst of all the joy-to-the-world celebratory songs, this amazing storyteller and musician did something totally unexpected. Card publicly acknowledged that the holidays are a difficult time for many…

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Is It Time for You to Return?

My friend Ruth Graham went straight for the heart when she shared two years ago at Billy Graham’s funeral:  “Daddy wasn’t God, but he showed me what God was like.” She went on to tell of when she returned to her parents’ home after disobedience and sin, knowing she had made bad choices and hating…

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