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Don’t Drive with Your Eyes Closed, Mama!

As I was driving through Seattle traffic, a loud siren blew, prompting me to immediately utter a short prayer for the first responders and those in crisis. From the back seat came a panicked little voice “Don’t close your eyes, Mama!” I had just married, moved to Seattle, and adopted three littles who were suddenly…

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We are the Wounded 

“Just assume that everyone within the reach of your words is wounded.” These were my words to the writers and speakers attending my seminar entitled “What Your Audience Desperately Needs.” Because it’s true. We all carry soul wounds. Scars from childhood family skirmishes. Scratches from professional rejection. Scabs from physical trauma we never saw coming.…

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Can We Be Light in this Darkness?

We hang a Moravian Star in our front bay window yearlong, and of course we are especially mindful of keeping it lit up during this season of darkness, social distancing, and isolation. Into such dark times as we are experiencing Mike and I desperately long to “shine like stars” into our world, somehow even whilst…

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