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What Do You Want Me to Do for You?

Do you ever just want more? More peace. More purpose. More power. Your desire is calling you deeper. Not to just know all about God but to know Him intimately. That desire from within is a hunger for more of God. The Almighty. The King of kings and Lord of lords. Creator and sustainer of…

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Words to Fight Life’s Battles

What if evil hijacked your youth and held you captive for years and years? When escape to a new life was finally achieved, you would vow to stay as far away from your former captors as possible, right? Well, maybe not. Maybe you would choose to return to your land of captivity and “conquer evil…

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Our Pieced-Together Past Year

One year ago our whole world changed. I remember mid-March oh so well. I had spent the last 3 weeks of February in bed with a horrible flu and bronchitis (!) but was finally back teaching at the high school. Already the news flashes of this novel “coronavirus” were becoming more and more alarming and…

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What if We Lived as a Blessing?

Sometimes I think the word “blessing” has a bit of a bad rap these days. Almost tongue in cheek; overused; you know, that whole “Bless your heart” insincerity kind of thing. Plus, too many people seem to immediately think of material things when they hear “blessing.” I’m not saying that some blessings are not of…

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