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12 Things I Would Tell That Bride Who Was Me

Today is our 37th Wedding Anniversary and Mike is visiting family in Seattle and I am home in Connecticut. But we really are still together — and yes, even throughout a very challenging pandemic year. I am in such a season of looking back and hoping forward, so I’m going to re-post what I wrote…

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When Joy & Pain Dwell Together

It is difficult to experience two opposite emotions simultaneously. I’m reminded of the classic Mary Tyler Moore TV episode featuring the death of Chuckles the Clown – where Mary can’t help but laugh uncontrollably during the funeral. She grieves the loss of her television co-worker, but she is also overcome by happy memories of the…

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My Own Gift from the Sea

This week I gathered my weary body and soul and joined with the two friends that have known and loved me my entire life (that would be my sisters) for a few days at the seaside.  Honey, there is nothing quite like ocean waves, shells on the shore, and sand between your toes to restore…

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