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Honey, Worry Can Strangle Your Soul

When I arrived home from the weekend conference Sunday evening, I realized a hitchhiker had accompanied me in the door. His name was Worry. At once he set to work bringing up all those things that had conveniently been dormant while I had focused on an enjoyable weekend of ministry. One by one, people and…

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Do You Find Spiritual Journaling Helpful?

Have you ever written down your prayers, or journaled an experience that you don’t want to forget? I have found this process can be both revelatory and a way to process emotions, spiritual growth, and focus. Setting aside time and space for life reflection and re-evaluation is a valuable priority, but one that can so…

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For All the Precious Children

Like many of you, I think of the children constantly – especially this time of year as school supplies dominate the shelves of every store, and “first day of school” photos fill my social feed. Oh, how my heart goes out to all the children. Everywhere. Today. Always. The most vulnerable among us in this…

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