2022 “Soul Strong Study”

Welcome to our “Soul Strong Study” as we seek to grow closer to God, while adapting choices and practices that will help us live a vibrant life!

Thank you for your willingness to do the hard work of going through my interactive guide (and legacy book) “Soul Strong – 7 Keys to a Vibrant Life.”

I know some of the activities may be difficult at first glance, but be gentle with yourself. Sometimes you may choose to just keep reading, and return later for the interactive portions.

I look forward to actually being in the same room with many of you, Lord willing, in these next weeks. However, we are all completely aware that our plans may change quickly.

Thus, this member page will be where you can find links to the Video Recordings of my Teaching Sessions as well as the Downloadable Outlines for each session.

Kindly Note: This page is a Private Link for those who are registered for this particular “Soul Strong Study” at Trinity Church, so please do not share with others. Thank you.

DOWNLOADS to Copy and Print for Teaching Sessions:

Monday, January 24th – “STRONG” 

Introduction to the Soul Strong Life

Soul Strong Study Week 1 Notes

Monday, January 31st – “SOURCE”

“I believe I am loved completely by my heavenly Father.”

Soul Strong Study Week 2 Notes

Monday, February 7th – “SIGNIFICANT”

“I discover and embrace my unique calling.”

Soul Strong Study Week 3 Notes

Monday, February 14th – “SOUL CARE”

“I abide daily in God’s presence, nourishing my soul.”

Soul Strong Study Week 4 Notes

Monday, February 21st – “SERENITY”

“I live a praying life, bringing all to the God who answers.”

Soul Strong Study Week 5 Notes

Monday, March 7 – “SUFFERING”

“I allow my scars to open new doors of service.”

Soul Strong Study Week 6 Notes

Monday, March 14th – “SERVE”

“I become a person who freely shows grace and mercy to all.”

Soul Strong Study Week 7 Notes

Monday, March 21st – “STORY”

“I reflect on God’s faithfulness with gratitude and hope.”

Soul Strong Study Week 8 Notes