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Would You Follow Sheep Over a Cliff?

We watched in horror as a herd of 200 sheep threw themselves off the cliff while Farmer Oak looked on helplessly. “Far From the Madding Crowd” — a British romance — had started off with an especially graphic pivotal plot twist. And it most certainly confirmed what I had always heard about sheep. Sheep follow the…

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A Love Feast Just for You

How are you holding up during this month’s emphasis on Valentine’s Day and Love? Whether you have relished every single heart, piece of chocolate, flowers, cards, and mushy love songs… or whether you feel like you will scream if you see another exultation of a love-relationship-you-don’t-have… let me just say that Love (all kinds) is…

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Permission to Stop

On the second morning of her African journey, Lettie noticed all her guides had stopped and refused to move, “Why aren’t we ready to forge ahead?” she asked the leader in an agitated manner. His reply, “On the first day we traveled too fast. Now we are waiting for our souls to catch up with…

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