Because Sometimes We Don’t Actually Feel Thankful

In the season of Thanksgiving (which, in my humble opinion, should be every day), let’s be honest – sometimes it’s hard to muster up gratitude.

But, friend, our choices make our lives.

It actually can be as simple as looking at your situation, naming your feelings, and then remembering the reality of God in the midst of your life, thus CHOOSING a path of Gratitude.

May I challenge you (and myself, of course) to CHOOSE to be THANKFUL today and every day?

  • When feeling helpless in the sorrow and struggling of loved ones… I am THANKFUL our heavenly Father cares for them with love greater than my own.
  • When morning finds my soul empty… I am THANKFUL for scripture, hymns, and prayerbooks that fill me up with Jesus.
  • When I feel overwhelmed with deadlines and responsibilities, I am THANKFUL to still be entrusted with meaningful ministry.
  • When news of violence, division, corruption, war, or natural disasters depresses me… I am THANKFUL our Sovereign God is not wringing His hands in worry.
  • When I experience a medical challenge… I am THANKFUL that doctors, medicine, and treatment are available.
  • When I miss my children and grands… I am THANKFUL for times we have shared this year..
  • When I am overlooked… I am THANKFUL to have already been given many opportunities to serve and share encouraging words.
  • When I break a dinner plate or crystal glass… I throw it away easily because I am THANKFUL to have enjoyed using such a beautiful thing over the years.
  • When I grieve the recent loss of Mama… I am THANKFUL for her long life, and that she is no longer in chronic pain.
  • When I am misunderstood or maligned… I am THANKFUL to be inspired by others to choose to take the path of love, kindness, and grace.
  • When I can’t bring myself to mealplan, shop, or cook… I am THANKFUL for a husband who loves soup, bread, and cheese.
  • When plans are upended at the last minute (throwing me into a spin)… I am THANKFUL to breathe deeply in acceptance and anticipation.
  • When God doesn’t answer my prayer the way I had hoped… I am THANKFUL that He is orchestrating all for my good and His glory.
  • When I don’t know what to do… I am THANKFUL to be reminded “For this we have Jesus.”

On this Thanksgiving you may be surrounded by lack or abundance. May God’s presence in your midst be Enough.

I am THANKFUL for YOU, my faithful readers…

O may this bounteous God
Through all our life be near us,
With ever joyful hearts
And blessed peace to cheer us;
And keep us in His grace,
And guide us when perplexed,
And free us from all ills
In this world and the next. Amen.

hymn “Now Thank We All Our God” by Martin Rinkhart

Every Blessing, Lucinda

“Helping You Choose a Life of Serenity & Strength”

©2022 Lucinda Secrest McDowell

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  1. Peggy Knight on November 23, 2022 at 12:58 pm

    Encouraging, timely words. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Carolyn Decko on November 23, 2022 at 2:04 pm

    Thank you for this beautiful message and reminders of how to be thankful for everything, no matter how it first appears. Finding God’s blessings in everything helps us stand firm in His love and goodness.

  3. bam on November 23, 2022 at 2:06 pm

    and we are SOOOOOOO thankful for your ebullient radiant heavenly spirit. love, from the shores of lake michigan. (you stretch miles and miles, wonder woman!) xoxo

  4. Valerie on November 23, 2022 at 2:07 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving! So looking forward to the retreat in April. 🙂

  5. regina bohn on November 23, 2022 at 2:56 pm

    Give thanks for His giving

  6. Pat Langley on November 23, 2022 at 5:01 pm

    Love the huge reminders, Lucinda! I agree we should have thanksgiving EVERY day!

  7. Maggie on November 23, 2022 at 9:53 pm

    What a great reminder that we hold both seemingly opposite emotions (worry, anxiety, sorrow) in our hearts and minds even as we also hold gratitude, and that’s normal and OK. I’ve been thinking about this today as I mourn not having my mama here to make the gravy tmnorrow, yet knowing her room will be filled with her great-grandchildren.

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