The Day I Decided to Keep Writing

 The Day I Decided to Keep Writing  Lucinda Secrest McDowell “I’m not impressed and won’t be sending this manuscript to any publisher. Honestly, no one wants this book, so you may as well start over on something else,” my literary agent said during our appointment at the annual booksellers convention. I was shattered. I knew about rejections. I had begun my career writing for magazines and had thick files of rejection letters which had only…

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Every Mama and Daddy Can Do This!

 An Amazing Thing Every Mama and Daddy Can Do!  Lucinda Secrest McDowell Three years ago today, at the end of my eulogy I sang “Jesus Loves Me” to the entire congregation. And I’m not a singer. Yet it seemed to be the perfect way to end my litany of Daddy’s legacy of love to me. You see, my earthly father’s love for me paved the way for me to understand and embrace the love of…

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