Day to Dwell

daytodwellphotoSomething different for your group this year?

I’d love to team with you for a day of dwelling in God’s presence and peace. This format is intended to help make the whole day simple and stress free, so even the team can enjoy the serenity and soul care provided by an intentional time of prayer and refreshment from the Lover of our Souls.



daytodwellgroupWhy do these women all look so refreshed and joyful?

They have just experienced “A Day to Dwell” in God’s presence and peace.

Here are some more photographs from “A Day to DWELL” to give you a flavor of how your day can be. Every group and venue is different.

Hear from some of the participants:


All materials provided (LSM sends them to host to photocopy)

“The materials were nicely printed with color photos, hymns, prayers, and in a folder to follow up on our quiet time with God.”

“Loved time alone with God – both outside in His creation, but also working through the consecration and commitment exercise.”


With creativity, any space can become a sanctuary.

“Best part was being able to spend time with the Lord without any distractions. This home was a sanctuary and the speaker was awesome. Loved connecting and praying.”

“Lucinda’s teaching and insight were refreshing, sincere, biblical and relevant. I loved the fellowship during lunch and the time alone with God. What a wonderful time of ‘sitting in the Presence’ – I felt immediately at home.”


Lucinda offers two teaching sessions and all quiet time and prayer journaling materials for the day.

“Best part of day was time alone with God in such a beautiful setting, surrounded by other women. Great speaker and preparation of materials for time in prayer. Everything felt so warm and inviting, so well prepared for us.”

“It was special hearing Lucinda speak, and through her – God’s heart. The timing of having two different opportunities of silence to sit with the Lord and listen, as well as the prayer walk were perfect.”

Host Responsibilities for

“A Day to DWELL”

         I am eager to work with you and your team to make this a special and restorative time for you and your friends, leadership, women’s group, bookclub, Bible study or staff. These are guidelines to help you decide how to craft your special day. Let’s dream together               – Lucinda

  1. Pray and form a team for “A Day to DWELL” (at least 3 people)


    Host and Prayer Team is essential. All participants are prayed for by name – all chairs are prayed over.

  2. Determine approximate size of the group (this helps in your venue choice). This event works well with groups from 20-60 though we can tweak it for less or more… I also do a conference and/or retreat with this similar “Dwell” theme for all sized groups from one-day to a whole weekend.
  3. Contact Lucinda Secrest McDowell with several date proposals and book a date with her as soon as possible in advance. Phone 860.402.9551 Email
  4. Reserve a venue. This may be a church campus, community center, large home, retreat center, but it needs to be somewhere with a gathering room for people around tables, plus places they can go to be alone (outside is preferable if seasonally appropriate).
  5. Confirm travel, honorarium with speaker and other arrangements with sponsoring group. Final count due to speaker 10 days before event.
  6. Complete “A Day to DWELL” contract and mail (with deposit) to Lucinda Secrest McDowell, Encouraging Words, PO Box 290707, Wethersfield CT 06129.Balance due at the event.
  7. Host Team provides:
  • Publicity (includes website and social media if desired) and Invitations well in advance.
  • Registration and Accounting for the event. (online registration option is helpful)
  • daytodwelllunch

    Simple and Nourishing make lunch a special time, but not stressful.

    Simple and nourishing Luncheon (I suggest Soup/Bread/Cheese – various crockpots; or a Salad Bar with a variety of offerings).

  • Afternoon Tea – Hot Tea (and Coffee if you insist) with a Treat. (One idea is to ask each attendee to bring a random used teacup/saucer with her name on the bottom. Then everyone will drink tea from a teacup/saucer, taking it home and praying for the person who brought it – these can be purchased inexpensively at Goodwill, even Marshalls)
  • daytodwellfoldersFolder or Booklet with Handouts. Printing of all program materials needed for each participant (includes outlines, journaling prompts, prayers etc. all provided by LSM). If favors are desired, LSM can help with ideas – prayer shawls, CD of scripture to music, etc.
  • Set-up and Clean-up. A gathering room(s) with participants around tables if possible. Microphone and podium, CD player or Ipod for instrumental soft music.
  • Emcee to welcome, give announcements and ring bell for scheduled transitions.
  • daytodwellbooks

    “Encouraging Words” Booktable is self-serve all day, not intrusive.

    Resource Table – Banquet table (6 ft or 8 ft) on wall near meeting room, and cashier help during Tea/Fellowship. LSM will bring tablecloth, books, signs, cash, credit card machine.

  • Honorarium for speaker/facilitator LSMcDowell based on a per person rate (minimum of 20 paid participants) decided upon in discussion with Host and LS McDowell. Travel for LSM (55 cents per mile for driving or cheapest airfare from Hartford CT airport BDL), Overnight the prior night and night of the event if she cannot get home (i.e. no flights etc.)

    Favors such as these cozy throws work well as folks find a spot on the lawn to reflect and pray


    One optional quiet time activity is coloring these DWELL scripture pages (or taking them home to color later)

Lucinda Secrest McDowell    860.402.9551

Encouraging Words, PO Box 290707, Wethersfield CT 06129


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