Every Mama and Daddy Can Do This

Nine years ago today, at the end of my eulogy I sang “Jesus Loves Me” to the entire congregation. And I’m not a singer.

Yet it seemed to be the perfect way to end my litany of Daddy’s legacy of love. You see, my earthly father’s love for me paved the way for me to understand and embrace the love of God my heavenly Father.

While I still miss Daddy every day, and August is always bittersweet, I smile because I once again realize the impact a parent can have on a child.

How do we love others into God’s kingdom? How did my own father and mother do it?

I heard “I love you” from them every single day! But I experienced the results of their love even more than that:

  • The small (and big) times of literally laying aside their own desires and needs in order to give us a special experience or opportunity.
  • Putting family memory-making times together above other priorities, knowing that “things” end, but moments can be relived time and time again.

Daddy believed in me. Even now as a seasoned adult I still hear his voice in my ear when the insecurities or doubts rise…. “You can do it, Cindy. With God’s help you can do just about anything!” He was a great encourager, not just to his own children, but to everyone he met.

Are you a Mama or a Daddy, a Granny or a Granddad?

Do you know that assuring your children and your grands of your unconditional love is a great gift? As they receive the byproducts of your love – the security, the compassion, the encouragement – they learn how to trust, an important step on the journey of faith.

Perhaps, you – like me – sometimes feel inadequate as a parent

Even those of us who shower love on our children let them down at times. But if we have invested in helping point them to God, then they know where to turn when the world has been cruel –  to the One who will never leave them.

And that’s why I ended my funeral tribute to Daddy with these words…. “One night when I was almost two years old Daddy set up his elaborate reel to reel tape recorder, stuck a microphone in my little face and I, of course, began to sing: ‘Jesus Loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so.’ You will be delighted to know that I have now mastered all the lyrics to that song, but far more importantly I have spent a lifetime living the truth behind them because of Daddy. (Then I sang “Jesus Loves Me”)  I Love You Daddy!”

Who are you going to love towards the Kingdom?

We love because God loved us first.But if we say we love God and don’t love each other, we are liars. We cannot see God. So how can we love God, if we don’t love the people we can see?The commandment that God has given us is: “Love God and love each other!” (I John 4.19-21 CEV)

under the mercy, Lucinda

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©2020 Lucinda Secrest McDowell

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  1. Jeanne Zornes on August 26, 2020 at 12:30 pm

    Tender memories–thank you! When my dad died in 1978 at 63 (six months after my mom–I was 31 years old), my sister and I chose to have “Jesus Loves Me” sung at his memorial. All the verses, especially the last, just fit our grief and our hope: “Jesus loves me! He will stay/Close beside me all the way; He’s prepared a home for me/And some day His face I’ll see.” What a promise, expressed in such simple, tender terms. A few years ago I researched the history of this hymn. The author, Anna Warner, was a never-married woman who struggled (along with her sister) to make a living after their parents died. The song lyrics were in novel she wrote. A well-known musician of that time, William Bradbury, set the lyrics to music. In ways we never see coming, we’re all part of a bigger picture of blessing our world. Thanks for the way YOU bless your world through your speaking, writing, friendship and parenting!

  2. Maggie Rowe on August 26, 2020 at 12:38 pm

    What a wonderful father you had, Cindy, to build into your life the way he did. Deep sympathy today especially on your loss as you remember his homegoing and the impact of his life.

  3. Dorcas cameron on August 28, 2020 at 12:49 pm

    Hi girlfriend, thankyou so much for the tribute to your dad. Beautiful. Never had any of that from mom or dad. Oldest of five kinda limits the attention given. Usually to the younger ones. I was always told you’re older you should know better. So I tried. But anyway water under the bridge, have to grow up and move on. Guess where I’m messaging from? Camp of the Woods……and guess who our speaker for week is….Knut Larsen. I so wished you could have been here too to remind me of that wonderful week two years ago Labor Day week when we all met and sat near each other in Purdy ctr at meals and shared such happy meals together. Knut even remember bob and I….surprise, don’t know if that’s good or bad. Anyway, hope this msg finds you happy and healthy and surviving this Covid nonesense. We are both well have so far come thru unscathed…..yahhhh. Knut says hi to you and to Justin as well. He asked me for his address which I gave him. Justin had sent me a note a while back. I didn’t think you would mind since Knut and Justin were best buds. Luv you muchly, miss you here lots, but know we all have to be sooo careful health wise these days. Lots of restrictions here in Camp but still having fun. Talk soon, Dorcas and bob

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