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New Event for 2020

SOUL STRONG – Choose What Matters Most     

Everyone wants to live strong – possessing a calm soul which overflows into compassionate and courageous action. Each choice we make either brings passionate living or depletes it. What will you choose on the smorgasbord of life? Don’t you want to make sure each decision is for what matters most? Join us for a life-changing event, filled with learning how to become Soul Strong by choosing Simplicity, Serenity, Strength, and Significance.

Seasoned mentor and seminary graduate Lucinda Secrest McDowell will guide us through 7 keys for a vibrant life, based on her new books Soul Strong and Life-Giving Choices. (can adapt for 1, 2, 3, or 4 presentations)



*Each of these themes can be presented in 1,2, 3, 4 or 5 sessions, complete with outlines, small group discussion questions and a quiet time devotional if desired.

*SOUL STRONG – Choose What Matters Most 
Everyone wants to live strong – possessing a calm soul which overflows into compassionate and courageous action. Each choice we make either brings passionate living or depletes it. What will you choose on the smorgasbord of life? Don’t you want to make sure each decision is for what matters most? Join us for a life-changing event, filled with learning how to become Soul Strong by choosing Simplicity, Serenity, Strength, and Significance. Seasoned mentor and seminary graduate Lucinda Secrest McDowell will guide us through 7 keys for a vibrant life, based on her new books Soul Strongand Life-Giving Choices. (can adapt for 1, 2, 3, or 4 presentations)

*DWELL – Abiding in God’s Presence   
“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91.1 Does your soul long for a safe place where you can be filled with everything needed to pour out for others? Are you restless for a heart-home uniquely designed with both serenity and confidence? Instead of striving or just surviving, why not embrace God’s presence as we seek to Dwell – through embracing Refuge, Residency, Restoration and Release. (can adapt for 1, 2, 3, or 4 presentations)

*GRACE GIFTS – Finding God in the Ordinary   
“From His fullness we have all received grace upon grace.” John 1.16 Do you ever wonder how to live your seemingly impossible life? Are you hungry for more purpose and power in those daily tasks that never seem to change? Then join us for a whole weekend of embracing God's many gifts of grace! As we open His Word, we will discover that He knows just what we need and freely offers it to us. Join us in opening the grace gifts for your Soul, grace gifts in your Struggles, and grace gifts as you Serve. Learn how to live a grace-filled and beautiful life as His beloved daughters. (can adapt for 1, 2, 3, or 4 presentations)

*HOPE – Your Soul’s Anchor in a Stormy World   
‘Rest in God alone, my soul, for my hope comes from Him.’ Psalm 62.5 Feeling overwhelmed in a time of chaos and change? Wondering how to find strength and balance for your impossible life? Then join us for a weekend of soul care, stories and song -- filled with encouragement and hope from the One who knows you best and loves you most - God.  Examining a variety of biblical storms will prompt us to find true anchors: Sinking – the anchor of Trust; Secure – the anchor of Strength; Shipwrecked – the anchor of Rescue; and Surrendered – the anchor of Love. (can adapt for 1, 2, 3, or 4 presentations)

*BREATHE ~ Making Space for God in Your Full Life   
Are you often so busy you can hardly find time to breathe, much less handle all those people and challenges that fill your days? Jesus beckoned us “Come to Me. Get away with Me and you’ll recover your life.” (Matthew 11.28 MSG) If getting away to draw closer to the One who loves you sounds like a good idea, then come and breathe deeply of God’s goodness and grace. Throughout our journey we will visit Tight Spaces, Quiet Spaces, Dark Spaces, and Living Spaces. (can adapt for 1, 2, 3, or 4 presentations)


How One Daily Choice Can Change Your Life All the things. Good things. Worthy things. Extraordinary people, adventurous journeys, breathtaking beauty, life-changing words, fulfilling service, quiet moments, and soul-stretching creativity. But how do you choose? Join us as award-winning author and seasoned mentor Lucinda Secrest McDowell offers insight on how to live with serenity and strength – one day at a time.

Dwell Deep Where do you dwell – in hurry and exhaustion or grace and gratitude? If your life is too full of stress and you long for more serenity, joy and mercy with God as your constant Companion, then join other hungry souls as we drink deeply from His Words.

Living Your Legacy – Who Will You Leave Behind? Does your current life reflect the way you want to be remembered? Do you spend more time and energy on tasks and things than on people? No matter what season we're in, each woman must decide our own personal calling and focus - responding to God's plan and purpose. Whose life will be forever changed because we took time to invest and inspire; reach out and refresh; serve and support; empower and encourage? Together let's discover how to live (and love) strategically. "Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” (1 John 4.11)

What I Learned After I Knew It All  Remember when you knew everything? Yeah, me too. But since then I have discovered So Much More! God keeps prodding and pruning while crafting me into the unique person He created me to be. Throughout the journey, some things have become remarkably clear. Come and discover 5 important lessons I've learned to embrace as essentials in the life of a Christ-follower. "But this is why I was shown mercy, so that Christ Jesus could show his endless patience to me first of all." 1 Timothy 1.16

Word Power in Your Everyday Life - Words can crush a spirit or launch a dream. They can convey supportive encouragement or rude dismissal. As Buechner says, ‘not only do words have the power to make things clear, they make things happen.’ Words can be a great tool for us as we seek to understand them and use them in life-giving ways, guided by God’s Word. Join us for some practical ideas on living out the words we believe. “These teachings are not empty words, they are your very life.” Deuteronomy 32.47

5 Lifelines When Your Boat is Sinking - Have unexpected circumstances of life left you anxious or afraid? The great news is that Jesus does provide a way to survive the storms of life, if you will only reach out for these 5 gifts He offers. Join us in discovering practical answers to our cries for help. “Teacher, don’t you care that we’re going to drown?” Mark 4.38

Soul Care – the One Thing You Can Do If your soul is weary and dry and you know all the things you should be doing about it, but are too crazy busy to actually do anything, then drag your bones to our room and we will share that One Thing. By reviewing the problem, the priority and the promise, you may just leave with a restored soul. “Learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Matthew 11.29

What I Learned After I Knew It All - I used to be an ‘expert’ on pretty much everything. Then Life happened. And I realized that all my deficiencies were a perfect opportunity for God to shine. If years bring experience and wisdom, then I have lots of pearls to share that were obtained at a great price. Come for my three amazing life lessons – and maybe you won’t have to learn them the hard way! Together, let’s “tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and His might, and the wonders He has done.” Psalm 78.4

Hope - Your Soul’s Anchor in a Stormy World It is said that human beings can live for forty days without food, four days without water, and four minutes without air. But we cannot live for four seconds without HOPE. Therefore, choosing to hope in God is not an option, but a necessity. If you are battered by life’s storms, then join us as we move from hopeless to hope-filled – ‘Rest in God alone, my soul, for my hope comes from Him.’ Psalm 62.5

Moving from Worry to Wisdom - Feeling strangled by worry? There’s a reason for that – the word is derived from the Old English ‘worien’ which actually means ‘grabbing another creature by the throat with teeth and shaking it to death.’ Yikes!  Wouldn’t you rather give up worry and go after wisdom? Join us in the process of moving from being waylaid by worry, to waking up with God and finally walking in wisdom. “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God and He will give it to you.” James 1.5

Overflow – Living from the Inside Out

Presentations for WRITERS & SPEAKERS

Storytelling in Your Writing and Speaking
Stories are often what is most remembered in your writing and speaking. Jesus was a theologian who told stories and we are called to do the same. The way you use stories to flesh out your teaching and message can be a strong connection to your audience. So, how do you decide which stories to share and how to weave them through your presentation in a seamless way? Our session will offer you both inspiration and practical ideas, so that your important words are remembered and lives are changed.

7 Habits of the Soul Strong Writer/Speaker
Don’t you want to be a person who stays the course – faithful and fruitful in a changing world? In life, in writing, in speaking. What does it take to have the deep peace and serenity in your soul while also possessing courage and strength to live in God’s power? This seasoned mentor and author of 15 books has persevered through all the ups and downs of publishing and ministry. Come and be encouraged and enlightened as she unpacks practical application of seven secrets which contribute to a life well lived.

Called to be a Messenger Do you believe God has a word He wants you to share with the world? Even for those of us who are called, sometimes the manner and message aren’t crystal clear. And you may not be sure of the best vehicle for getting your words across. In this session we will examine three ways everyone can both write and speak messages of power, hope and comfort. Biblical messengers will be our guides, with lots of practical takeaway for your specific situation.

You Are Not Her! How did she get so many social media followers? Why did that agent sign her and not me? I’ve been writing far longer and yet she signs a book contract before me? Why don’t they ask me to speak – I have years and years of wisdom? Though competition is a natural response in this industry, it can be deadly to your own mission and message. In this session we are going to get real and dig deep to establish our confident identity, our own unique story and our strategy for living and speaking authentically to a hungry world.

Everyone Loves a Good Theme
What is the theme of your message? How can you make that visible to your audience and readers so that the takeaway is clear? Whether you are preparing a 3-part retreat series of an 8 chapter non-fiction book proposal, there are ways to tie the teaching points together to make an appealing package. Let go of random words of wisdom. Let’s brainstorm and offer something specific to our audiences. Bring your current work-in-progress so we can help create some thematic threads.

Writing Short Devotions that Both Inspire and Teach
Can you really combine solid content with inspirational stories in such a way that the devotional both inspires and teaches? Even with a short word count? Absolutely. This session will help with devotional writing, not placement/marketing. Come with a particular scripture text or idea in mind and let’s create!

Steadfast Writer – Persevering with Purpose
On those days when you feel like giving up, what makes you keep writing? In this workshop we will courageously tackle key elements of discouragement and target specific ways to continue in obedience to God’s call on our lives. Come if you are bogged down, bewildered or just need some encouragement and practical tips for a writing and speaking reboot!

Can a Writer/Speaker Have a Balanced Life?
Where do I find time to write amidst family and work? How do I monitor time on social networking when a platform is demanded by my publisher? How many speaking engagements should I accept while my kids are still young? How do I juggle the conflicting deadlines all around me? How do writers conferences help my career? Where do I find (and keep) true friends in this crazy publishing world? Honey, if you’ve ever asked even one of the above questions, then you will enjoy this gathering where we share wisdom and wit for living our calling with integrity. And you may just meet a few like-minded new friends…

5 Secrets of Creative Communicators
We’ve all read or heard messages that make us say ‘So what?’ If you’re a communicator who doesn’t want to settle for mediocrity, then why not pursue magnificence? Whether we are speaking or writing, these 5 secrets will guarantee our story and style are long remembered and even life-changing.

Why the World Needs Your Words
There are three basic goals in our speaking and writing. In this workshop we will look at each one – reflecting on both biblical examples as well as our own work-in-progress to see just how well our words are communicating. If you desire for your written and spoken words to result in Change, Challenge and Courage, then join us and let’s make sure it happens!

Memoir – Sharing Life Changing Moments
Storytelling is powerful; and when paired with spiritual truth, your stories can be used to comfort, challenge, or even change your readers. This session provides instruction for writing non-fiction personal experiences in the form of memoir. Come prepared to remember (and develop) two possible events from your own life.

7 Ways to Destroy Your Speaking Career 
Here’s what not to do as a speaker! In this hands-on, fun seminar, we will explore creative and positive ways to stand out as a team-player and professional with so much to offer! Come and discover what you’re doing right — and begin to tweak any rough edges. You’ll become the kind of speaker event planners contact again and again.

What Your Audience Desperately Needs
Go ahead and assume that everyone who hears your voice or reads your words is struggling in a complicated world. What is the deepest desire of people who read your books/blogs and hear you speak/teach? Are your words meeting a felt need or just giving you a platform? Join us as we review what we communicate and why we communicate it based on both today’s culture and timeless truth of God’s Word.  “Every word You give me is a miracle word – how could I help but obey?” Psalm 119.129 MSG

Presentations Especially for MAMAS

How’s a Mama to Choose? 
All the things. Too much. How can a mama with limited time and energy decide what matters most? Seasoned mentor, mama of four, and author Lucinda Secrest McDowell will guide us from her new book baby Life-Giving Choices. Find out practical ways to choose calm, connection, compassion and courage.

3 Gifts that Changed My Children’s Lives Forever
After raising two sons and two daughters, I realize now the most important gifts this Mama ever gave them. I so look forward to sharing these 3 things with each of you and hope they will encourage you to also open God's many gifts for those of us entrusted with little ones. Jesus said "I am leaving you with a GIFT - peace of mind and heart." John 14 Just what we all need!

You Can Be a Mama of Serenity & Strength

Nurturing Your Soul While Tending Others

Building Confidence in Special Needs Children

Keeping Focus, Fun, and Faith in Your Holidays

Social Graces (Etiquette) for Mama and Child

What God Wants Mamas to Know

Holiday Presentations

Unwrapping God’s Best Gifts
“Thanks be to God for His indescribable GIFT!” 2 Corinthians 9.15 God has so many gifts for each of us all of the time. In this presentation, I focus on what we have already been given during this Advent Season – gifts of People, Presence, Perspective and Peace. Then we joyfully unwrap each one together.

Everyone has experienced some dark times in the past year. After acknowledging such, I lift up the fact that the True Light came into the world to dispel the darkness. Through winsome stories I offer practical ways we can live as people of hope and joy because of the true meaning of Christmas. Finally, I share how each of us is called to “shine” light into the lives of other hurting and needy people.

Hear the Angels Sing 
This time of year everyone is exhausted and stressed, striving to make it a ‘perfect holiday.’ With humor and hope, I share some stories of both struggle and success in seeking to “rest beside the weary road and hear the angels sing.” I lift up the merits of taking time to embrace all that the season has to offer — living intentionally instead of reacting to the culture around us.

“It’s a Wonderful Life!”
Because, quite frankly, life can get pretty challenging and downright discouraging, all of us need new perspective on the adventurous life God has for us. How can we make fun and focused choices during this busy season to become people of gratitude and grace, eventually lifting up the glory that was the first Christmas? Grace reminds us of God’s second chance. Gratitude becomes our way of life. And in the process, we enjoy the Glory of that Greatest Gift from long ago.

Memory Maker Events for Quilters, Scrapbookers and Crafters

Enjoy your various crafts, then be inspired by themed devotionals such as:

Sharing Life Stories  – Scraps, Seasons, Significance

Celebrating Creativity – Choices, Changes, Cherished

Living Your Legacy – Pieces, Possibilities, Perseverance