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A few years ago, God helped me understand that my passion is “helping you choose a life of serenity and strength.” Serenity is that inner quality of peace that exudes because we have daily nourished our souls. Strength is the empowerment by God to do hard things and offer grace and mercy and hope to a broken world.

If you want a partner in learning how to Live Authentically and Love Extravagantly, I’m your gal….



“Every word You give me is a miracle word – how could I help but obey? Break open Your words, let the light shine out, let ordinary people see the meaning.” Psalm 119.129-130 MSG

Here Is What I Have to Offer You...

I’ve thought and prayed a lot lately about what I have to offer younger women, emerging leaders, seasoned saints, and aspiring writers and speakers. Why? Because whatever gifts and experiences God has given me, I want to literally wear them out before I go Home to glory! I don’t want to just dabble here and there, putting my foot in the water occasionally. I want to awaken each day and live in full force power the grace and mercy of a steadfast soul.

If there is a part I can contribute to your event, even a small one, I’d love to bring to the table:

1. Perspective – Yes, we live in a challenging culture – politically divided, too many groups feeling marginalized, scandals everywhere including the church – but friends, there have always been huge obstacles to living out faith in the world. I am someone who lived through desegregation in the South, friends in the Vietnam War, the Jesus Movement… I spent my college years going to meetings called “Women’s Consciousness Raising” with the hopes of being heard and valued as a woman. I have seen the good and the bad and God’s faithfulness through it all. Whatever we are facing today, I can assure you with confidence, God is here.

2. Prayer – Wherever I go, I am available to lay your name before the throne of grace – to take you to Jesus, even as those friends lowered their sick buddy through the roof to see Jesus. I am not a counselor, but I am a listener. And I strongly believe in the power of prayer. I will storm the gates of heaven on your behalf. And, if you have ever met me, you know that I will do it right away, while we are standing together or walking or working. I will sing over you with joy if you like. And God will hear.

3. Wisdom – I am so proud of the younger generation of women who are standing up and speaking out. Yes, it takes courage to do that today, but friends, some of us have been doing it for a lifetime. I was one of the few women who actually enrolled in seminary in the 1970’s in order to gain theological training, biblical foundation and hopefully more respect from the Christian community into which I was ministering. I forged a vocation that stretched me and those around me. I made mistakes and I learned from them. I immersed myself in the writings and the presence (whenever I could) of the godly leaders a generation above me. Honey, I know stuff. Stuff I learned the hard way but which stands firm. I am a wise older woman – not every time, but mostly.

4. Focus -- For me, what matters most are the essentials. When we have a conversation or you hear me speak or read something I wrote, you will notice the same themes emerging time after time. Grace. Mercy. Faithfulness. Story, Hope. Strength. People. Kindness, God. Soul Care. Because of simplifying just about everything in my life these days, I’m investing in that which is of ultimate importance. I don’t have time to fritter away on detours. And yes, I use technology with my message, but be warned – I do not live on social media. (though it may seem that way during new book launch seasons)

5. Voice – I am so grateful that God created me and called me to glorify Him through the “Lucinda version” of His Story. I am realizing more each day that while I am absolutely ordinary, my own unique voice is extraordinary. And I promise to speak, write and live ME – not a poor imitation of the most popular person who does what I do. And I’d love to help you get to know yourself -- sitting quietly enough to hear His Voice so that you can recognize your own.

6. Heart – Okay, let’s just get it out there --- I am an emotional person. I care deeply. I am all too aware that while I cannot carry the weight of the world, I most certainly would love to at least hug everyone in the world. I call this heart. Your joys and sorrows will touch a deep place within me and (hopefully) cause me to reach out with celebration and compassion.

7. FlairIf it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing with flair. An extra touch shows we care, we are creative, and we want you to feel important. So why not spruce it up? Were you to come to my home for Tea I might serve bakery-bought treats, but Honey, they will be on fine china, with a fresh floral centerpiece and the tea leaves would have been steeped for exactly the right amount of time. Because I believe in the ministry of beauty, friendship and hospitality. I want to show with my life that it takes only a little bit more to make others feel cared for and special. Warning, I also dress with flair – why not?


Speaking Topics

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DWELL – Abiding in God’s Presence   

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BREATHE ~ Making Space for God in Your Full Life   

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